Standard Mine Group Ltd

About Us

Standard Mine Group Ltd is an international company deeply involved into investment activities and efficiently operating at the world raw materials market supplying products to metallurgical and energetic industries.

What we do

The Company implements several investment projects for natural resources and ore minerals mining and processing in Europe, Balkans and Asia. We are ready to meet growing raw materials demand for metallurgical industry in the world.
Our main services are exploitation, exploration and trading of natural resources depot.

Eco Friendly

The attitude to natural environment is a criterion of social responsibility of each company and organization; it is an indicator of technical achievements and of the civilization level.


Manganese Mine

Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Manganese deposit is situated in northwestern part of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina about 350m above sea level. The distance to the main see ports are: Shibenik 160km, Rijeka 180 km (there in Croatia) and Ploche 180km (BiH). Aces to the railhway .
Rational producing of manganese concentrate is based on quantity of 400.000 tones/year in two fractions. Midel size (3mm-8mm,with content 32-35%)and Masive (8-150mm,with 30-35 % Mn).
We are producing also manganese briquette with annual rational production of 100.000 tons and a Mn content 30-35 % and smaller quantities above 35%.

Ferro-Nickel Mine


Situated in southeastern Albania. Aces to the nearest port of Durasse .
The monthly production of 50.000 tons with the content of Ni 0,7-1,2 % and Fe 42-51%.
All fraction available.

Chrome Mine


The Chrome mine is situated in central Albania. The ore grading is between 38-49% chrome metal.
The nearest port Durasse. Start –up project, first quantities available from 2015 March.